Session 1/part 1: Vanilla+Lace

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Session 1: Part 1

I am excited to share “Session 1: Part 1” of a series of fine art portrait projects that I have embarked on.

I am constantly creating for clients – whether it is a photo session or a graphic design job – and I very rarely get the opportunity or the time to explore different aspects of my creativity. It is for this reason that I have decided to put time aside every 2nd month to create just for me…to feed my soul and to sustain my passion for photography. I also want to tell a story…about real people, real emotions.

My favourite genre of photography is child portraiture – children between the ages of ± 3 – 9 years old. In this session I chose six beautiful little girls aged 4 – 5 years as my models. I made their outfits from bleached hessian, cotton and lace and styled their hair…a huge thank you to my sister Shiralee for assisting me on the day (I love you big time!).

You may ask why they are not smiling or happy in the photos. My answer is that whilst I understand parents want to see their children happy and glowing in photographs, I find that a serious portrait shot will always give you a glimpse into a child’s soul…and will compel the viewer to look deeper, ask questions, make a connection.

My hope is that as this project gains momentum, these images will become a silent voice, whispering secrets from their hearts to yours!