Daughter of the Almighty God, Photographer, artist, creative soul, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, woman, champion of the underdog. i love people and the diversity of cultures, my dogs who love me no matter what mood i am in, the quiet calm in the middle of a forest, the smell of the sea, the smell of the earth when the first drops of rain fall, the smell of freshly cut lawn and freshly brewed coffee. My best naps are in front of the tv, I love listening to music while working, salty sour or hot foods, iced coffees decorated with coffee beans which I chew at the end, beetroot, broccoli, pine nuts and crisps, the sound of an excited squeal when my granddaughter sees me, working 
from home.
I dislike being late, public speaking, pumpkin (which i was force-fed in nursery school), sweltering heat, answering to a boss, cream cakes or anything too rich, injustice to man or beast, polo neck tops or jerseys.


I am a Cape Town based Fine Art Portrait Photographer. I left a 25-yr career as a Graphic Designer four years ago to pursue my love of photography.


I am a strong believer in the Creator God and I am blessed with the ability to perceive and translate the light I see in you into your images.


Because of my own healing journey and my heart for the emotionally wounded, 10% of your purchases will go towards funding Christian Organizations and Ministries that work towards bringing healing and restoration to abused women and children, such as the Set Free Foundation in Bulgaria, who focus on rescuing, restoring and renewing victims of human trafficking.


Your purchases will directly assist in bringing much needed healing and restoration to those who have been victims of abuse and pain!


Please contact me should you require any further information.



Photographic works selected in 2011 for publication in “International Masters of Photography”.